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June 07 2018


Does the Hangup Stretch Legs and Hips?

Relieve tension in your back and joints with hang up on an inversion table. Although they were created primarily to elongate the back, it's possible to also stretch your thighs and buttocks. After doing hang-ups, though, make certain to move in the move carefully to ensure that you aren't getting injured.


If you don't have an inversion table, you might even hang inverted on a reliable pull-up bar or onto park equipment.




Warm up with approximately 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, such as running, brisk walking or cycling, before using the hang up the phone. Stretching cold muscles may lead to injuries.


Ensure that you are placed correctly in the inversion table, along with your head resting on the mat at the top and your feet securely strapped into the footrests.




Lean back and slowly permit the table to turn you ugly. Stop at an angle that's comfortable and allows you to elongate your back. Raise your hands on your head and set them either on a lawn, if reachable, or towards top of the table. You need to feel a stretch in your hips and thighs. Hold the stretch for 10 to 20 minutes and release.


Be Mindful


Consult with a physician before using any inversion table, and stop immediately in the event that you feel some pain rather than simply discomfort -- in the own body Let your physician know if you have hypertension or cardiovascular disease. According to Harvard Health Publications, anyone with a heart issue must not utilize an inversion table

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